Life niet bereikbaar vanaf

Toen ik daarnet een link naar een pagina op volgde kreeg ik na lang wachten het volgende bericht van firefox: “Firefox can’t find the server at”. Na wat geexperimenteer op servers binnen en buiten het UGent-netwerk (, eduserv/genix, een vtk-server) blijkt dat overal toegankelijk is, behalve vanuit het UGent-netwerk… Weet iemand hier meer over? Zou dit een block vanuit de vrt zijn, of zou het probleem ergens tussenin liggen?
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Cleaning a white Macbook

Over the last six months my white Macbook slowly evolved into a grey Macbook. Today I descided to clean it back to its original color. I found this tip about what cleaner to use, and it worked out nicely. There are only two grey areas left: those where the palm of my hand rest while typing. Even a stronger cleaning product couln’t get rid of those. (No pictures, just wanted to pass that link on to other Macbook users.
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LaTeX les 2007

Wie LaTeX wil leren kennen: de jaarlijkse LaTeX-les van de VTK-Werkgroep Vrije Software gaat door volgende week dinsdag 6 november om 19u30 in auditorium A van het Jozef Plateau gebouw van de Faculteit Ingenieurswetenschappen. Meer info, en de mogelijkheid om een cursus en/of samenvatting te bestellen vind je hier.

Long time no blog

Some quick facts about the last few weeks. I might elaborate on some of them later: Picked a thesis subject. Can’t get the exact subject from the web framework (Plato) atm because it’s down, but it’s about implementing a .NET/CIL backend for Diablo. I bought a laptop (finally!). Specs: MacBook, white, 2.16Ghz, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD. Turned it into a triple boot (it’s running Linux, OSX and Windows). Ubuntu runs great on it.
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Python & Django les

Meer info (binnenkort) op de VTK-WVS site.

Convert a b2evolution blog to WordPress

About a week ago I decided to move my blog from b2evolution (hosted by Ikke) to WordPress. I found a convertor-script here, but it didn’t work for my version of b2evolution (and WordPress). So I started hacking away with my beginner-php-skills and adapted the script. Some ‘features’: It transfers your user, posts, comments and categories Comments by b2evolution blog members are translated to normal comments, using the nicknames, e-mailadresses and url’s from the users table.
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Boekentoren genomineerd voor monumentenstrijd

De Gentse boekentoren is genomineerd voor de Monumentenstrijd van een! Slechts de helft van de 30 genomineerde monumenten zal doorgaan naar de tweede ronde: de 15 monumenten die het meeste stemmen krijgen. Spread the news dus, en stem! (Meteen de reden waarom ik dit op Planet UGent wil krijgen :-p ). Voor de fanatici: In de downloads sectie van vind je het nodige promotiemateriaal.

Tired of cleaning up the spam here

While I don’t use this blog very often, it has been four months since my previous post, I have to clean about 10 spam messages here every single day. This has been going on for a while now, and I’m sick and tired of it. So I did a little google search for anti-comment-spam plugins. It seems like these plugins are my only hope. This one, and this this one are interesting in particular.
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Finally an index page for

Yesterday, I uploaded a new index page for It’s a small page, just to have something that refers to this blog, to some sites I made and to my e-mail adress. (I might add my JID too.) I don’t know if the page is working in IE as it should, but I might look into that later today. Having passed my exams in july, I have a lot of free time (three months minus some vacation work), so I’ll probably be able to post some more interesting stuff on this blog for the months to come.
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First exam, Nokia 770

The exams have started in a bad way. Hardly anybody had enough time to answer all questions of our first exam (‘Transportverschijnselen’). Lets hope for the best. As some people already know, I’m going to buy a PDA (or something similar) in the near future. The ones I am/was interested in are: the Palm Lifedrive, Dell X30 or X50, or the (to be released) Nokia 770. The LifeDrive is too expensive and slow I’m afraid, and the Dell’s, well… they use Windows :-p .
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