(B)eid on Ubuntu 12.04

This post helped me use my ‘.beID’ device with our Belgian tax-on-web site on Ubuntu 11.10. It didn’t come up in Google right away, so I guessed it needed some additional linking.

Colors in tmux on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

I wanted my bash prompt colors in tmux on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot. The internet didn’t turn up anything 100% right, but after some trial and error, this worked for me: just add the following line to your .tmux.conf: set -g default-terminal "xterm-color" This will make sure the following lines in the default .bashrc are triggered: case "$TERM" in xterm-color) color_prompt=yes;; esac Hope this helps someone.
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Reading Seven Languages in Seven Weeks and pushing solutions to GitHub

During the Christmas holidays I started reading Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. That means being exposed to seven new programming languages. Why? Because they all have some aspects that make them worth discovering. Ruby has some extremely agile features I wasn’t familiar with. Io uses prototypal inheritance and is a message passing language. Prolog is a logic programming language, a type of programming language I wasn’t familiar with. Etc. I read part of the Prolog chapter using the preview functionality on Amazon, and it convinced me to buy the book.
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Format JSON in vim using Python’s json.tool module

Based on this blogpost, use this Vim command to format the contents of a JSON file: :%!python -m json.tool That is all.

Git SVN diff compatible with reviewboard (and TortoiseSVN?)

Recently I needed to upload some patches to Review Board. I foolishly tried to upload a patch that was created by git diff (I’m a git-svn user) but Review Board expects an SVN patch… While there are some simple solutions to be found on the web, I could not find any that correctly handled new files in the patch. The closest thing I found was a mail on the KDE panel-devel mailinglist.
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Volvo V50 + FAT flashdrive mp3 file order

My Volvo V50’s mp3 player is able to sort the folders it finds on the flash drive I plug into it, but is unable to sort the mp3 files in the folders in any useful way. It seems like it just plays them as it finds them on the file-system. This week I found a utility that sorts the files on the file-system, called FATSort. If you’re a Linux user, make sure the names of your mp3 files start with the track number (01, 02, 03, …), install this utility and run it on your flash drive’s device.
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Will be reviewing “Grok 1.0 Web Development”

This is just a quick note to announce that I will be reviewing “Grok 1.0 Web Development” from Packt Publishing. They kindly provided me with an elektronic copy of the book. I’m looking forward to getting to know a new Python web framework (Grok) and the framework it’s based on (Zope 3). To be continued…

Announcing: BurgieBot twisted IRC bot

BurgieBot is a project that was started early 2008 by Nicolas Trangez and had some short bursts of development since. Its purpose since has been to run inside a small IRC-channel, logging, and more importantly hosting trivia games. :) The trivia plugin is the most important feature of BurgieBot, and the one I enjoyed most over the last months. I didn’t announce it back then because it had some small bugs that needed fixing.
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Vanaf september @ Q-layer

Het is alweer een maand geleden dat ik hier iets gepost heb, dus het is hoog tijd voor een kleine update: Ik heb deze voormiddag getekend bij Q-layer. Nicolas en ik worden dus collega’s vanaf 1 september. :) Q-layer ontwikkelt o.a. Virtual Private Datacenter software en een Datacenter Abstraction Layer. Meer info hier. Fancy screencasts hier (registratie nodig). Nu nog die thesis op tijd afkrijgen…

Great error messages

I just ran into this error message: $ find . -name "*/version*/*" find: warning: UNIX filenames usually don't contain slashes (though pathnames do). That means that '-name */version*/*' will probably evaluate to false all the time on this system. You might find the '-wholename' test more useful, or perhaps '-samefile'. Alternatively, if you are using GNU grep, you could use 'find … -print0 | grep -FzZ */version*/*'. I wish I could say the same about git.
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