xkcd en FOSDEM

Voor iedereen die een beetje in het hele Linux/Open Source/Open Standards-wereldje thuis is: de laatste 4 xkcd-comics zijn echt de moeite. Aflevering een, twee, drie, vier. Ik vraag me af hoe lang de mini-reeks nog zal duren. :) Oh, en FOSDEM 2008 gaat door op 23 en 24 februari!

Lessons restarted, webdesigning

The lessons for the second semester started today. The classes in the morning were dropped, but the ones in the afternoon – Electric Networks – were terribly boring (as usual :roll: ). I’m changing the code of one of my sites to XHTML atm. I’m nearly finished, but it will probably look quite f*cked up in IE. I’ll reboot into windows tonight and check it out. If anyone has some feedback about the code, plz comment it, so I can learn from my mistakes.
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Good bye exams! Mechanica was all right, but it should have been better (did some calculations that took me 3⁄4 of an hour, and I didn’t need them :‘( ). Atm, I’m updating my system, and hopefully I will get the hardware acceleration working, so I can check the new test release of TC:E out. My expectations are high, I hope this release is not as much of a disappointment as the other one was.
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