Sauerbraten, some news

It’s been quite a while since I posted here. So here’s a little update. I’m preparing for my exams, the first one is friday. I can feel the exam stress already, which is good, because I need some stress to study. (if there is no stess, I waste my time with surfing and gaming) I’ve got 5 exams this semester, 3 difficult ones, and 2 easy ones (surprisingly, the easy ones are computer-related ;-) ).
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Cube live-cd, TC:E update

Remember me introcucing Cube? Check this out! More info here and here. Too bad I can’t check it out on my pc, I hope an x86 version will be released aswell. The article in the gentoo newsletter says “a whole cluster of ODWs running Cube will be part of the presentations in the Gentoo developer room at FOSDEM in Brussels, 26-27 February 2005”, so maybe I’ll see them running there. ;-)
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More exams, no more cold, Linux Gaming

Peter seems to be interested how I’m doing atm, so here’s a small update. First of all, the cold is (almost) over. And my Physics exam was, erm, reasonable. I think I can get a B on it, but I’m not entirely sure (it was a multiple choice exam, which means that if I answered a question wrong, points are substracted :-/ ). An A is possible as well, but I don’t think I’ll have that much luck :-p (the theory questions were very hard imho).
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