Gevent 0.13.0 and mercurial: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘ciphers’

I came across some confusing errors when combining patch_socket, patch_ssl of Gevent 0.13.0 (the one in Ubuntu 11.10) and Mercurial today. If you get this error: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'ciphers' update your Gevent version to at least 0.13.1. That should resolve your issue. Good luck!

Git op eduserv

Onder invloed van Nicolas ben ik een eindje terug git-gebruiker geworden. Git is een snel versiecontrolesysteem (version control system), zoals svn, maar dan anders. :P Een groot verschil is dat git ‘distributed’ is. Wat dat precies inhoudt ga ik hier niet uitleggen, wikipedia kan dat veel beter. Vorige week kreeg ik plots het idee om een git-repository te maken op (of moet ik genix zeggen?). Het leek me handig voor studenten die gebruik wilden maken van een versiecontrolesysteem maar niet over een eigen server beschikten.
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Game prototyping with pygame

I’m subscribed to a few gaming-related blogfeeds and Lost Garden is one of my favorites. Today Lost Garden’s Danc posted a new game prototyping challenge: “Play With Your Peas”. The challenge is to build a game based on Danc’s game idea, using his (free!) graphics. The game idea and the graphics were both very attractive, so I decided to dive in. I used Istanbul to record a screencast of the result after 10-odd hours of hacking with pygame.
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Kleurtjes op eduserv

Deze week wilde ik wat C programmeren in vim op eduserv. Jammergenoeg lukte het me niet om de syntax highlighting aan de gang te krijgen. Ik kreeg enkel wat onderstreepte keywords. Op aanraden van Ikke heb ik wat geprutst met de TERM variabele, maar niets leek te werken. ’s Avonds dan maar een mailtje gestuurd naar de DICT Helpdesk, en vandaag antwoord gekregen. De oplossing is: TERM=xtermc; export TERM
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Fuse and FCO’s

A few days ago Ikke was experimenting with FUSE. I had read about FUSE on Planet Gnome, but I never really looked into its possibilities. It seems though that FUSE could provide a solution for the first problem I mentioned at the end of my previous post. Writing a FUSE filesystem doensn’t seem to be all that hard, and there are Python bindings too! (mmmm, Python :-p ) But the more I think about this, and the more I discuss it with Ikke, the more I’m convinced that this ‘magic’ directory should do a lot more than just move files.
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Automatic file-sorting

My home directory is a mess. I have all kinds of files on my Desktop, in my downloads directory, in a Media directory, everywhere. The reason for this is that I’m too lazy to move new files into their appropriate directories. Especially when I’m downloading stuff. The ideal situation would be to have all my videos inside my Media/Video directory, my music inside my Media/Music directory (preferably inside an artist/album subdirectory), images in another directory, screenshots inside a subdirectory of that image directory, etc.
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Remote X on Nokia 770: schreenshots

Due to the fact that the screenshot tool had a bug at the time I gave remote X windows a try on the N770, I could’t post any ‘proof’. But, that screenshot-bug has been solved, and I connected my N770 to the fresh install of Ubuntu Linux so I could take shoot some screens. It took me about 4 minutes to make my N770 talk to the pc (Ubuntu recognised my usb bluetooth key immediately, it really wasn’t hard at all).
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Remote X sessions on Nokia 770

Some topics on have great views on what the N770 might have to offer in the future. One nice possibility is forwarding X sessions to a N770. I started with forwarding Gedit from my pc to my N770, but later on I had a go at ‘oowriter2’ ( 2 Writer), Supertux and The Gimp. My experiences about those apps on the N770 are at the end of this post. First I’ll tell you how to try it yourself.
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Sharing internet with Nokia 770 over bluetooth

It’s been a (very) long time since I have posted here (again), but I bought myself a Nokia 770 last week, and it took me a lot of time to get it on the net, so I thought I’d share how I got it to work. First off, some interesting links: Host to host bluetooth on the gentoo wiki Enable root access on the maemo wiki Bluetooth networking howto on the Maemo wiki
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Working on a little bot: HangBot

I’m working on a new Jabber bot: HangBot. It should be able to let the user play small text-based games. Atm, playing Hangman (which is the game the bot is named after) and some other basic functions work. The next task on the list is making the menu-class more flexible so other games can be added easily. The hangman game is finished (it works as it should), but I still need to find a good dictionary for the game to pick words from.
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