xkcd en FOSDEM

Voor iedereen die een beetje in het hele Linux/Open Source/Open Standards-wereldje thuis is: de laatste 4 xkcd-comics zijn echt de moeite. Aflevering een, twee, drie, vier. Ik vraag me af hoe lang de mini-reeks nog zal duren. :) Oh, en FOSDEM 2008 gaat door op 23 en 24 februari!

Mythbuntu troubles and fixes

Last week I set up a Mythbuntu system on my desktop machine. The install went fine, but I could not get Mythtv to show any video. My system just locked up with nothing but a black screen. This bug solved my problem (which was caused by my ATI radeon video-card), Mythtv no longer locks up when I try to watch tv. Next up is (re)configuring the channels.

LaTeX les 2007

Wie LaTeX wil leren kennen: de jaarlijkse LaTeX-les van de VTK-Werkgroep Vrije Software gaat door volgende week dinsdag 6 november om 19u30 in auditorium A van het Jozef Plateau gebouw van de Faculteit Ingenieurswetenschappen. Meer info, en de mogelijkheid om een cursus en/of samenvatting te bestellen vind je hier.

External screen on a Macbook running Ubuntu Gutsy

A quick post to help people with the same problem: I upgraded from Ubuntu Feisty Fawn to Gutsy Gibbon beta this weekend. Gutsy comes with xrandr 1.2 which allows for easy configuration of external displays without the need to restart X. Using the graphical “Screen and graphics” tool I just made things worse then they already were (I could no longer start X), so I started Googling. This page is what I needed.
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Saved by dd-wrt micro

When it was time to replace our old LAN-only Linksys router, I ordered a WRT54G, as those devices are/were known to run Linux, which resulted in multiple projects releasing alternative software for those devices. Unfortunately the WRT54G version 5 had just been released, so I received a device that had ‘neutered’ hardware (half the RAM and half the Flash memory) and didn’t run Linux. None of the alternative softwares supported those new devices (yet).
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Long time no blog

Some quick facts about the last few weeks. I might elaborate on some of them later: Picked a thesis subject. Can’t get the exact subject from the web framework (Plato) atm because it’s down, but it’s about implementing a .NET/CIL backend for Diablo. I bought a laptop (finally!). Specs: MacBook, white, 2.16Ghz, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD. Turned it into a triple boot (it’s running Linux, OSX and Windows). Ubuntu runs great on it.
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Python & Django les

Meer info (binnenkort) op de VTK-WVS site.

New White Stripes album recorded!

This news just made my month: The White Stipes finished mixing and recording their newest album ‘Icky Thump’. The album will probably be released in June. More info on whitestripes.com and Little Room.


A quick review of the talks I attended last weekend at FOSDEM: Saturday: OLPC: Great, innovative machine. The talk was nice, but I think it could have been better, maybe with another speaker… Liberating Java: Great talk. The only ciritique I can think of is that is was quite commercial. The speaker(s) obviously were trying to sell Java (and Sun). Not that I blame them. I enjoyed the talk.
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Kleurtjes op eduserv

Deze week wilde ik wat C programmeren in vim op eduserv. Jammergenoeg lukte het me niet om de syntax highlighting aan de gang te krijgen. Ik kreeg enkel wat onderstreepte keywords. Op aanraden van Ikke heb ik wat geprutst met de TERM variabele, maar niets leek te werken. ’s Avonds dan maar een mailtje gestuurd naar de DICT Helpdesk, en vandaag antwoord gekregen. De oplossing is: TERM=xtermc; export TERM
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