Announcing: BurgieBot twisted IRC bot

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BurgieBot is a project that was started early 2008 by Nicolas Trangez and had some short bursts of development since. Its purpose since has been to run inside a small IRC-channel, logging, and more importantly hosting trivia games. :)

The trivia plugin is the most important feature of BurgieBot, and the one I enjoyed most over the last months. I didn’t announce it back then because it had some small bugs that needed fixing. Those are fixed now, and the bot runs quite nicely. There’s a lot that I wanted to fix/change before releasing it, but following the release early, release often philosophy, I’m releasing it now.

BurgieBot pros

  • Easy to extend with plugins

  • Trivia plugin

  • Automatic reloading of plugins without restarting the bot

BurgieBot cons

  • No i18n, most strings are in Dutch

  • No docs…

  • Automatic reloading of plugins sometimes fails

Download it Tarball, Zip


  • Python 2.5 or higher

  • SQLAlchemy 0.4.4 or higher

  • twisted

  • pyinotify (used for reloading modules on the fly)

How to run it Create a file in the folder containing the file containing:

channels = ['#demochannel',] host = '' port = 6667 nick = 'BurgieBot' dsn = 'sqlite:///file.db' # Use an sqlite db colors = True # Display messages in color

And run the bot using python

You can browse the code here (yes, that’s a Django-based gitweb-like interface, which is WIP and unreleased :) ), or clone the git repository from