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Some quick facts about the last few weeks. I might elaborate on some of them later:

  • Picked a thesis subject. Can’t get the exact subject from the web framework (Plato) atm because it’s down, but it’s about implementing a .NET/CIL backend for Diablo.

  • I bought a laptop (finally!). Specs: MacBook, white, 2.16Ghz, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD. Turned it into a triple boot (it’s running Linux, OSX and Windows). Ubuntu runs great on it. Sleep/resume, remote control, volume keys worked out of the box. Wireless is working with the Madwifi drivers, the screen brightness keys used to work, but not anymore. Battery time is max. 3 hours on Ubuntu. My desktop pc is quite abandoned now…

  • I passed my exams. Got better grades then I was expecting.

  • Went to GUADEC, unfortunately without ikke (shame on him). Saw a lot great talks. Maybe more on that later.

  • Just finished Harry Potter 7 last night. Great book, great series of books. I’m not going to give away any spoilers here though…

Things to come:

  • A few more weeks of vacation. Way too much stuff I want to do I way too little time.

  • Summer job/internship at Think Wize. I’ll be working on some of their Django-based solutions. Should be fun. :)