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A quick review of the talks I attended last weekend at FOSDEM: Saturday:

  • OLPC: Great, innovative machine. The talk was nice, but I think it could have been better, maybe with another speaker…

  • Liberating Java: Great talk. The only ciritique I can think of is that is was quite commercial. The speaker(s) obviously were trying to sell Java (and Sun). Not that I blame them. I enjoyed the talk.

  • Jabber 101: The Jabber room was packed. The devrooms at FOSDEM really are starting to get too small. Great speaker. Didn’t learn a lot of new stuff.

  • What’s new in GStreamer: Good talk. Chatted a bit with Ikke, made him envious of not being there. :)

  • GEGL: Great speaker. Interesting talk, glad I know what GEGL is now.

  • Django: Didn’t learn a lot, but it was interesting to hear somebody using Django professionally give his opinion about it. The devroom was packed, again.


  • Plone 3.0: Nice talk.

  • Drupal: Nice talk. The list of Drupal sites is quite impressive. I might give it a try some day, even though I’m not a PHP fan. (I prefer Python, and Django.)

  • Elisa: Interesting project, I’m glad I got introduced to its structure, interesting questions and answers after the talk. Unfortunately the speaker wasn’t very good. The Python devroom was packed. Again.

  • OpenOffice - OpenXML: I had expected this talk to become a discussion about ODF and OpenXML, but it didn’t, so I’m a bit disappointed about it.

  • Turbocharging Linux with Mono: Great talk, I really enjoyed myself, too bad I missed the beginning. If Miguel de Icaza is right, 50% of all .NET apps will run on Mono within the next 4 months. Amazing.

  • Secure Communications with Jabber: Once again, great speaker. I’m happy the Jabber people are thinking about protecting us from spam, eavesdropping, phishing, etc.

  • Profiling Desktop Applications: the best talk of FOSDEM 2007 for me. Interesting and funny. I wish all our classes were like this. :)