First exam, Nokia 770

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The exams have started in a bad way. Hardly anybody had enough time to answer all questions of our first exam (‘Transportverschijnselen’). Lets hope for the best.

As some people already know, I’m going to buy a PDA (or something similar) in the near future. The ones I am/was interested in are: the Palm Lifedrive, Dell X30 or X50, or the (to be released) Nokia 770. The LifeDrive is too expensive and slow I’m afraid, and the Dell’s, well… they use Windows :-p . So I’ll probably buy that Nokia 770. There are a few features of it that I’m worried about though:

  • Will it support VPN over Wifi? (needed to connect to our University network)

  • Will it support pdf reading?

  • How long will the battery last? (the site says three hours, I know)

  • Will there be linux desktop software to upload files to the 770?

  • I hope there will be apps to view .ppt (powerpoint) files.

  • And last, but not least: When will Nokia release it? (the sooner the better :-p )

I still have to check out the prices for those mini memory cards the 770 uses too. Lot’s of things to think about. ;-)