Volkstuintielt.tk done

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Life Webdesign

First of all: do not try to use a XHTML strict doctype with a .tk adress. It makes IE go maaaaaaaaaaad. The rendering of my site didn’t even come close to what it was supposed to be. (Firefox did the job nicely, btw. ;-) :-p )

The site had been around for a year and a half now. It used to contain three frames and a lot of crappy code, and looked even worse than it does now ( ;-) ). But now I updated the code, basicly rewrote the entire site, using php and lots of CSS (most of this was done during the Christmas Holydays). Yesterday I added a logo in the top left corner. It’s with the gimp, using some other pics I made for the previous edition of the site. Let me know what you think of it, graphical stuff is really not my thing so I need feedback.

My next little project will probably be some php-code for the Gotcha contest of the home I live in during the weekdays. I still have to finish my little jabber script too. :-/ And: I wrote my first C program today. B-) (all it did was print some text though :-D )