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Linux Life

Whoohoo, no more Statistics to study for at least half a year.:-D Maybe even forever, because I feel like I have a nice chance to get a B. We’ll see. The next exam is Mechanics, next wednesday. It’s not easy, but at least it’s nog as boring as Statistics.:-p

After I read Ikke’s post about using pyGTK, Glade and Python to create small GUI programs, I decided to learn some Python. I already read a small crash course, and I started reading the official tuturial. Too bad I can’t afford to spend a day or so to read and practice, so my progress in the tut is rather slow, but I’ll get there.:-) Maybe I’ll read this tutorial aswell. Hopefully all that will enable me to understand this final tutorialB-)

So far I really like Python, I even solved some Statistic exercices with it yesterday (couldn’t resist :oops: B-) :-p )

That’s it for this time. bb!