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I’m sick. My nose is running and my thoat hurts. Damn colds. And I have to study. I’m in the middle of what we call here ‘den blok’, which means I have to study all day to pass my exams. So I’m not really having the time of my life. But I felt like starting this blog, so here I go:

I’m not entirely sure about what I’ll post here yet. I created categories for the games I play, for webdesign, and for ‘fun’, but some may disappear, and some others may be created later on. Now that I think about it, there should be a ‘linux’ of ‘gentoo’ category too. I’ve been enjoying gentoo for over half a year now, and I still enjoy it. Though I’m pretty p*ssed @ the ati-drivers and the way they work with xorg atm – can’t get DRI to work. This means I can’t relax while playing Cube or TC:E. >:( Hopefully some new ebuilds are released soon. (note to ikke: the smileys don’t appear where they should :-p )

Before I forget: many thanks to Ikke for hosting this blog! :>>